How to Teach Physical Education in Homeschool

homeschool physical education

When you start to homeschool your kids, you must consider taking on every subject offered in school. This includes physical education and other elective courses. This post will help you get started with homeschooling physical education in your backyard, park, or playground near your home.



Walking and running is about the most basic exercise, yet it is essential for your kids well being. When you take a PE class, it’s best to start with a small warmup walking or running session. This can be done in your backyard or any park or playground near your home. Furthermore, you can cover a chore as you take on PE by talking the dog for a walk.


If you live near a community pool, beach, or lake. Then you can start a swimming session once or twice a week. Remember that you should take your kids to swimming classes before introducing them to the beach or lake swimming. Furthermore, it’s ideal to use safety precautions to ensure a reliable and safe swimming experience.


Biking in the local park or around the neighborhood is a great way to enjoy some fun PE time. This is something you can take on as a family, or let the kids take it on their own while you watch. Furthermore, as they grow, you can look for biking trails in your area.

Before you start biking, it’s best to include a biking safety session. Teaching your kids about local laws and safety precautions bikers must take. While keeping weather and other conditions in mind.


If you are lucky enough to live around hiking trails, then there is nothing better than taking your children on some hikes. There are trails at national, local, or state parks. It might be a short drive away but makes for a wonderful PE session choice. During the hike, you can also teach your kids about various plants, animals, and other aspects of nature. To make your hike a little more interesting, you can pack a small picnic and turn it into a full day of learning and exercise.

Park Exercise

Most local parks offer great exercising equipment that either is low cost or does not require a membership at all. To ensure safe and effective results, it may be best to check out a few videos online (based on your kid’s age). Make sure your kid takes on exercises that are suitable for their age.

However, if your local park does not offer exercise equipment. In that case, it’s best to look for some yoga or meditation classes offered in the local parks. Offering them a different approach that ensures an enlightening experience.

Indoor Exercises

When it’s too cold to go outside, then you should consider creating a PE session indoors. The plan does not require a vast space or any special equipment. All you need is some room to move and a set schedule that must be followed. Here are a few moves you can try with kids of different ages:

  • Push-ups or plank holds
  • Burpees
  • Frog hops
  • Squats & jump squats
  • Walking/lunges
  • Vertical jumps (jump onto a box or bench)

These basics can help you get started incorporating physical education into your homeschooling program. Keep in mind that physical education is an essential part of their development and must be included even when you are homeschooling your kids.

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