How to Find an Apartment As a Student

How to Find an Apartment As a Student

Whether you’re looking for apartments in Albany while attending the University of Albany, or are looking for apartments in New York City while attending New York University, the most important thing is to begin your search early. The student housing market can be competitive and you don’t want to miss out on the best deals. Therefore, it’s essential to start looking for an apartment several months before you plan on moving in. Below are some tips to help you find your next home!

Consider Your Living Arrangement


When beginning your search, consider what type of living arrangement works best for you. Are you looking for a roommate? Do you need a one-bedroom or studio apartment? Or would a shared dormitory-style room better suit your needs? Make sure that whatever option you choose fits into your budget and isn’t too far from campus.

If you choose to live with a roommate, this can help you split the bills and save big (almost $300 a month by some estimates). In addition, having a roommate can take the burden of living alone off your shoulders.

Search Online

The internet is full of useful websites and resources for finding an apartment as a student. For example, many universities have their own websites or message boards where students can find listings for available apartments in the area. Craigslist also has hundreds of listings from people looking to rent out their apartments. But be wary of sites like Craigslist – always check references and research any properties you’re considering before signing a lease.

You might also look into online rental aggregators such as Zillow, HotPads, and ApartmentFinder. These websites allow you to search for location, price range, and the number of bedrooms. Plus, they often feature floor plans, photos, and virtual tours of the apartments.

Check Out Apartment Complexes

A great way to find an apartment is by visiting local apartment complexes in person. Many communities will offer student discounts, so be sure to ask about any deals they may have available. As you’re touring each property, make sure to take notes on the amenities (e.g., laundry facilities, parking, etc.), rent prices, and location compared to campus. In addition, if you have mobility issues, make sure your apartment building is ADA-compliant, meaning it has features that accommodate disabled individuals.

Ask Around

Finally, don’t forget to ask around if your friends or family know of any good deals or openings that you may not have seen online. It never hurts to ask – you might just strike gold! Plus, it could be helpful if they can give you an inside scoop on the building and what it’s like living there.

The Bottom Line

Finding an apartment as a student doesn’t have to be a daunting task – by doing your research, you can find the perfect place for you! Good luck with your search.