Florida Man March 22 – The Good, The Bad, The Baby

Florida Man March 22

Florida rarely has a dull day, and March 22 definitely was not one of them. Is your Birthday on March 22? If so, come check out what Florida Man was up to.

Florida Man March 22, 2018 – Reunited with His Cat After 14 Years


This one is a rather heartwarming story. Sometimes it is nice to see the softer side of the sunshine state.

On March 22, Florida man was reunited with his cat after it had been missing for 14 years.

Perry Martin was reunited with his orange tabby cat called Thomas Jr., or he calls T2 for short. He had always assumed that T2 had died in a traffic accident 14 years ago.

In 2004, just after Hurricane Jeanne, Martin moved in with a friend in a new house. Unfortunately, after only a few days, T2 left home and never returned.

In 2002, Martin implanted T2, a microchip for a situation like this. However, he never located him until March of this year.

 That’s when he received a call from an Animal Service Officer in Palm City. They notified Martin that they found a chip in a cat brought to them.

Lisa Wadsworth, a mother of 2 children with a family home in Stuart, was the one to bring T2 to a veterinarian when it wandered to their home. She even cleaned the orange tabby cat.

This was two weeks before Martin got the call when the veterinarian found the microchip.

“Too crazy to believe,” Martin thought when he first got the call.

Martin is a retired canine officer of the Fort Pierce Police Department and is now reunited with his 18-year-old Thomas Jr.. He stated, “I’m so happy our story’s out there, especially the information about the microchips because it’s so important.”

Florida Man March 22, 2021 – Egg Roll Dispute Turns Violent

Now back to the regularly scheduled program of pure Florida weirdness. 

A woman refused to let a Florida man have some egg rolls. So the Florida man decided to shove her around inside her own house.

According to the woman’s statement, 44-year-old Keith Johnson came to her house drunk and kept ringing the doorbell. He persistently rang the bell, even if she already told him that he can’t go inside.

Johnson was insisting on coming inside her home to eat some egg rolls. The woman told him that she would just bring it to his car, but this only made him angrier and shoved her in the doorway.

Johnson was arrested and charged with assault. He was held in Santa Rosa County Jail and eventually let out on a 500$ bond.

Florida Man March 22, 2018 – Carnapped a Baby, Dropped it Back Off

 A Florida man was caught on camera dropping a baby off in the car he just stole.

The unidentified Florida man stole a black sedan car last Tuesday morning in a gas station.

Shortly after taking off, he realized he had taken a little more than he realized. Not only had this man stolen a car, but also a baby that was fast asleep in its car seat.

He then drove to another store. A security camera shows the suspect gently put the baby basket down before taking off again.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man March 22 was about as heartwarming as it gets in the life of Florida man. If you enjoyed this story, please make sure to check out some of my other blog posts on the life of Florida man.

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