Florida Man September 20

Florida Man September 20

Now, we’ve finally come to Florida man September 20, another day filled with the randomness of Florida Man, plus a wholesome story at the end. 

Let us start with the first story.

Florida Man September 20, 2018 – Naked Yardwork


Stuart, Florida. – The residents of a neighborhood in Florida say that they’ve got eye irritation after seeing one Florida man doing his yard work naked.

It’s certainly an unusual sight, especially since the neighborhood is typically family-friendly and has lots of children living in it.

One neighbor said that when she came out on Sunday night to put the trash out, she looked over and saw the naked man bending over, clearly showing his private part.

The neighbors then called the Martin County Sheriff’s Office multiple times. However, they said, as long as he’s not touching himself or directly disturbing neighbors with his act, there’s nothing they can do because he’s still on his property.

This, however, upset the neighbors simply because there were kids around. Kids usually wait in the neighborhood at a nearby bus stop. A view like this is undoubtedly wrong for children to see.

The neighbor even said that it was not only the naked man but also his wife. The sheriff simply informs them to turn their heads away. 

September 20, 2019 – Florida Man Gets Probation for Transporting 41 Turtles

Sarasota, Florida.- A Florida man pleaded guilty after picking up and transporting 41 turtles

The man’s name is Micahel Clemons (22), who a judge placed on probation for about a year. He also has to do 100 hours of community service.

He was also tasked with paying the court costs and making a $250 donation after pleading guilty to possessing more than one turtle per day and transporting more than one turtle and eggs.

After he ran a stop sign, Deputies of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office pulled him over for the traffic violation.

He told the deputies that he and his friend Ariel Machan-Le Quire were back from frogs and snakes collecting under the overpass. He permitted the deputy to do a thorough search of his vehicle. 

Within a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bag, the deputy found 41 turtles. The officer then approached Machan-Le Quire and asked if she had something else.

Then, she pulled out a 1-foot gator from her yoga pants.

Machan-Le Quire then pleaded guilty to the charges and was also court-ordered to serve probation.

Florida man September 20, 2019 – A Florida Man Earns The Title of The Goat Man

Lee County, Florida.: A Florida Man has two goats he calls his children.

The man never had intentions to be best friends with goats. But, during a fatal and traumatic motor crash a few years back, the Florida Man, Wright, was left with a brain injury.

After meeting Cory Mushrooms, one of the goats, his life changed.

Cory Mushrooms has a sister called Ellie, the other goat. He already had the two since they were babies.

He said he got Ellie so Cory won’t be scared and lonely anymore, he continued by telling them that they act like toddlers. They often make a mess and seek attention.

On a free day, he takes his goats all around Lee County and receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from the people.

Final Thoughts

What a closing to the stories. When times are rough, you should have someone you love around, including pets. They can feel our emotions, sympathize with us, and be the shining sun on our darkest days. Although life is hard, you’ll be fine when you have love around you.

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