Top Devotional Apps for You and Your Family

devotional apps

Devotional apps are designed to offer you an easy way to keep up with the Bible’s teaching. In today’s busy world, it can be easy to lose track of your teachings. This is why you and your family need devotional apps to remind you to take time for a small session that you can take on as a family. A single teaching per day can help you cover 365 topics in a year. Here are a few devotional applications to help you get started.

Daily Bible Devotion Application


Daily Bible Devotional is free to download application that brings you religious, inspirational devotions and verses on a daily basis. Automatically set to offer you morning and an evening Bible verse and devotional, making sure you start and end your day on the perfect note.

Keeping track of your growth encourages you to take on more and more as you go. While the trivia keeps you engaged and refreshed on the verses, you have undertaken. Moreover, to ensure that you remember what it has to offer, each devotion is uplifting and short. Keeping your mood light and your mind bright.

Available on iTunes & Google Play Store

Daily Bible Application

Audio, Reading Plans, and Devotions
Offering you one verse per day, the application helps grow faith with reading plans and devotionals. If you are frequently on the go and do not have time to read, its bible reading feature will help you a great deal. Listening to the Bible while you drive to or from work is a great way to keep up with daily teachings.

You can choose the version of the bible verse you wish to take on, allowing you to ensure comfort and ease of learning at all times. Furthermore, the application will enable you to quickly research any topic or verse and enjoy a complete view of the issue you wish to investigate and so much more!

Available on Google Play Store

She Reads Truth Application

The application is designed to offer women a community of Bible readers! Every day, women around the world come together to read the Bible. Encouraging one another and others to take on bible reading and understanding daily.

Its user-friendly layout will have you hooked from the first second, followed by a full-text bible that you can read at your ease. With the application, you get paid and free of coast devolution reading plans, where new content is added daily. You can bookmark, share, or journal as you go; while enjoying real-time readers’ comments and so much more.

Available on iTunes and Google Play Store

He Reads Truth Application

While She Reads cater to women, He Reads Truth is focused on men. The application offers the same features as She Reads and gives men a platform to read the Bible. Creating a strong community for bible readers that inspire and help each other through different reading stages.

With the He Reads Truth application’s help, you can easily enjoy the Bible, devolution messages, and so much more. Furthermore, the applications come with a Bible in A Year program that helps you stay on track and finish reading the Bible in a year. These are just some of the many features that She Reads Truth & He Reads Truth offer to their users. Regardless of where you live and how you spend your days, you can easily find a bible reader when you open the application. Offering you an instant pair to keep you company during the process.

Available on iTunes and Google Play Store

There are many apps to choose from and these just happen to be me and my husbands personal favorites. If you have a favorite devotional app that is not listed then please share it in the comments below.

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