What should you know about pregnancy apps?

What should you know about pregnancy apps?

Pregnancy applications are dedicated to pregnant women, but a lot of them also provide useful information even after childbirth. They are used to track the development of pregnancy everyday and check if everything is fine with the baby at the time. So below there is some knowledge about these apps!

What are pregnancy apps? 

So it happened – the pregnancy test showed two lines and in 9 months you will be a happy mom! The feeling of confusion may be overwhelming – you don’t know what awaits you, but at the same time you are excited and hopeful that everything is going to be perfect. You would also like to know everything about the course of pregnancy. 

To feel a bit more confident in this new situation, apart from visiting the doctor and reading books, it is worth installing various pregnancy applications on your mobile. Thanks to them, you will have full insight and knowledge about your pregnancy and you will be more prepared for motherhood. Apps like these offer some precious psychological support and can calm the future mother from the paranoia and even hypochondriac syndromes. So what are their functionalities?

Features of pregnancy apps

Functionalities may vary between various apps, but majority of them will allow you to:

  • fill in and estimate weight from ultrasound scan,
  • fill in and estimate parietal length from ultrasound scan,
  • fill in the expected day of childbirth,
  • make a layette list for a newborn,
  • write down notes related to pregnancy,
  • make a checklist for childbirth and hospital stay,
  • track promotions related to accessories for the child

What’s more, in pregnancy applications there are different tips that are tailored to the current week or even day of pregnancy. Thanks to this, you know what can await you and how you should prepare yourself for this. Generally they are bringing some peace of mind for every mom!

What else do you need to know?

One of the main advantages of apps over the long books is that you can read a lot of short, but specific and very practical advice every day, which takes much less time and makes it easier to wait for a child. It is also possible to count the child’s movements in the application and a lot of doctors order to do it for 15 minutes every morning and evening. 

Finally, there is also pregnancy app for dadswhich can even synchronize with the one for moms, and give the future dad important tips, also for taking care of pregnant women. Taking into account the above factors, pregnancy applications definitely give a sense of comfort, security and better prepare the future mother for a new, important role in her life.