Things to Consider When Buying an Academic Regalia

Things to Consider When Buying an Academic Regalia

Whether you want to purchase or rent academic regalia, there are many things you should consider. You can find an academic regalia sale online or rent one from your local store.

Buying academic regalia in pieces

If you have trouble finding a full set of academic regalia, you can always purchase pieces separately. The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s regalia, for example, is only $983 plus tax and includes the robe, hood, tam, and tassel. However, if you need a more complete set, you can rent them. UAB does allow you to rent regalia in bulk. These bulk rentals are available only in UAB colors.

If you’re a professor who plans to stay in school for years to come, consider buying academic regalia in pieces. This way, you’ll be sure to have the exact look you want. Even if you don’t plan on wearing the regalia in public, you can still wear it for your graduation ceremony. In fact, you can even give the professor a custom robe as a graduation gift.

Renting regalia can be a good idea for those who can’t afford to purchase their own. The problem is that you may end up paying more than you should if you’re renting. Renting regalia will cost you anywhere from fifty to seventy-five dollars a day. And if you’re planning to wear the regalia for multiple occasions, renting it will quickly add up. That’s why many universities are discontinuing this policy and making it easy for professors to buy academic regalia in pieces.

Getting a reputable company

There are many reasons to buy academic regalia. It is important to purchase quality regalia that fits properly and is well-maintained. However, renting regalia can add up to be an expensive proposition if you attend several ceremonies. To avoid this, it is recommended to buy academic regalia instead of renting. Moreover, you can get regalia in pieces rather than paying for the entire setup.

When buying graduation regalia online, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Not only is this an important factor but it can also help you get the best possible price. When buying graduation regalia, it is a must to select the campus where the regalia will be used. You can choose a campus from which to order for free or have the regalia shipped to your home. The same principle applies to buying regalia for a different degree.

Getting a doctoral hood

While the length and style of doctoral hoods vary from university to university, there are some important differences. The doctoral hood is much longer than the bachelor’s hood, which is three feet long. Doctoral hoods are four feet long, with the panels on the sides lying like a cape across the back. These differences make doctoral hoods distinctive from bachelor’s hoods.

A doctoral degree normally requires an academic hood that is attached to a gown. Most doctoral graduation gowns have a zipper, while Stanford’s hood is open. The sleeve should fit snugly around the wrist and the bottom should be between eight and twelve inches from the floor. The hood string is then looped on a button inside the gown or on the shirt button underneath the gown.

Once you’ve completed the hooding ceremony, you can begin your Ph.D. journey by preparing your doctoral hat. Academic hoods are typically made of satin, and most include buttons or cords to secure the hood. Choosing the hood color is a matter of preference, but many schools follow these guidelines. The hood size should correspond to your level of education. If you’re pursuing an associate’s degree, you may opt to forgo a doctoral hood altogether.