How to Declutter Your Home

declutter your home

Decluttering your home can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. Knowing your home is sorted and perfect helps you focus on any work at hand. With that in mind, we are offering you a few easy, smart, and fun ways to declutter your home. You can take on any one or two of these pointers to create a functional and relaxing space.

Start Small


The key to success is to start small. When you take on something obsessively, you will soon lose interest and drop the entire project. Remember that decluttering is a huge task, and parting from your things might be more challenging than you think. To make sure you stay the course, it’s best to start with 5 to 15 minutes per day. Getting one room or section done at a time. Moreover, if you have a more challenging time letting go than others, start by donating one item per day. Within a year, you would have given away 365 things!

Good Will

It’s easier to give away things than to dump them in the garbage. Imagining the joy it will bring you to help out someone in need, rather than holding onto something you will probably never use or enjoy. When decluttering, it’s best to fill garbage bags with stuff you plan to give to goodwill. Remember, once you have put something in the bag, it does not come out. Following the simple rule, go around your home and get rid of every extra thing you own.

12-12-12 Challenge

The 12-12-12 challenge can help you a great deal in the process! The challenge is to find 12 items you plan to throw away, 12 things that will be relocated to a proper home, and 12 items you will donate. Taking on the 12-12-12 challenge every other day can help you declutter your home in no time!


When you cannot find things to let go of, go outside and clear your mind. Take 5 minutes and convince yourself that you are walking into space for the first time. When you live somewhere, you miss clutter signs. However, imagine you are walking into the home for the first time. Taking your time noticing things will help you understand the issues you must correct.

Friends & Family

For those who “love” everything they own, it’s time to ask a family member or friend for help. Remind them that it can be emotionally and physically stressful, and make sure they have the time and energy to help you declutter your home. Furthermore, take it one day at a time – or a few hours every week to make sure it does not put a strain on your relationship.

Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

  • When you declutter your home, you will have less stuff just sitting around, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Finding things will become easier, as you are more well organized, you know exactly where that paper clip from last week is.
  • Looking at clutter all day long can cause a sense of stress that can easily be swept away by decluttering your home.
  • Once you start to declutter your home and fall in love with minimal living, you will find a massive difference in your monthly bank statement.
  • When living from one paycheck to another, it’s best to keep your home decluttered. Allowing you to save more money for the future or ay unexpected emergencies.

Clearing out all the outrageous things in your home allows you to stick to something you love, offering you a more clear vision of what makes you happy.

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