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The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum Reviews

The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum

The Good and The Beautiful curriculum has been a top contender over the past few years to help you understand the curriculum, what the syllabus offers, and how it helps homeschooled kids and their parents/guardians.

What is The Good and The Beautiful


The Good and The Beautiful is a curriculum designed for homeschooling children. Carrying a Christian worldview, the curriculum is most commonly known for its rich and beautiful language arts syllabus. Recently, the company has decided to expand their horizons and focus on history, maths, science, and handwriting skills.

Founded by Jenny Phillips in 2015, The Good and The Beautiful comes from a mother who lacked proper syllabus and resources when homeschooling her kids. The challenges she faced inspired her to develop a curriculum designed to make teaching easy for parents.

The latest edition is considered her best work due to the focus on combined learning. By collaborating a few subjects together, she has finally made the school day shorter. Even when the school day is shorter, you teach your kids all the syllabus they need to cover for the day.

Using clean and powerful literature, the curriculum emphasizes God, high moral character, and nature. Put forward, using vivid and beautiful settings that are engaging. Making sure kids are excited to learn and make the process a fun process, rather than crying and screaming to get through the day.

To ensure an authentic touch, the team working on the curriculum comes from several Christian denominations. Moreover, The Good and The Beautiful is a faith-based curriculum, but it does not reflect any beliefs.

Furthermore, her degree in English and some experience in teaching, writing, and editing – gave her the base she needed to start her own curriculum. Jenny spent more than two years developing the syllabus before offering it to the world. Needless to say, the curriculum has been a hit, and she currently works with 70 employees and offers 90 products to choose from.

Grades Covered & Subjects Included in The Curriculum

The Good and The Beautiful covers Language Arts for every grade from Pre-K to High School. Covering everything from phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, literature, punctuation, and art appreciation. Along with handwriting books starting from Pre-K that last until the 7th Grade. What is great about the curriculum that many language arts levels are completely free!

Additionally, they cover a great deal of science-based units for elementary and throughout middle school. Recently they have started covering math for early elementary grades and are currently working on adding more grades. Furthermore, they cover history for elementary and middle school grades and even offer electives such as creative writing, typing, creative arts, and nature study.

What is great about the company is that they are constantly expanding while keeping their roots in check. Holding on to the initial concept, they have started covering various subjects and even offers curriculum for various grades.

Price of The Good and The Beautiful

A shocking turn of events is its reasonable price! With such an amazing syllabus, you expect the price to be higher. Still, The Good and The Beautiful is cheaper than most homeschool curriculums.

No Lesson Planning

What makes The Good and The Beautiful such an amazing investment is it’s easy to follow structure. Parents love not being required to plan a lesson ahead of time. You can easily open the page from where you left off and start the day. Moreover, you can choose to cover one lesson at a time, so your child understands every step before moving forward. By eliminating lesson planning, The Good and The Beautiful helps parents make time for more pressing aspects of life.

Teaching Multiple Grades

Parents who are homeschooling children find The Good and The Beautiful a God sent. As there is preplanning required, you can easily use their curriculum to teach kids in different grades in the same room.

Using a user-friendly approach, the company allows parents to teach all their children simultaneously, rather than having them work through the night after juggling a long day. It’s no secret that homeschool kids can take a toll on parents. Still, with the help of a set and ready to go curriculum, you can make learning fun and life easier for you and your kids.

You might want to set one on one sessions for children that are just getting started. Because each lesson takes 15 to 30 minutes, you can easily handle a few kids with a small gap. Setting up a system that allows you to focus on each kid while shuffling around to ensure a single study session.

The Good and The Beautiful Assessment Test

Before purchasing The Good and The Beautiful curriculum, we suggest you make your child take an assessment test. Keep in mind that the syllabus is set by levels and not grades. This allows every kid to learn at their own pace. This is a healthier way to learn rather than pressuring them to get things done in a set period. Allowing your kids the freedom ensures a healthy learning process, one they will appreciate and truly understand.

When compared to the standard school learning process, The Good and The Beautiful might be considered advanced. However, it’s easy learning approach and no time frame of learning pressure makes it a great choice for kids. It helps shape each child as they are, rather than pushing them through a single mold set by society.

Final Thoughts

The Good and The Beautiful curriculum is considered a lifesaver by many parents and guardians. Offering a fresh learning approach that engages kids rather than pressurizing them into learning makes all the difference.

Along with a fresh edition every now and then, ensures your kids are getting the best quality education at home. What makes it a great choice is its focus on both the kids and the parents. Allowing them to balance homeschooling and other day-to-day tasks with great ease.

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