IV Hydration Detox

Learn how an IV drip detox can help support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Keep reading for more details on the advantages of IV Hydration Detox.

Learn how an IV drip detox can help support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. 

For those looking to detox from alcohol and other substances, IV Hydration therapy can provide a much-needed, immediate boost to their systems. Indeed, as people looking to recover from addiction will suffer from dehydration, and a build-up of toxins within the body, an IV Hydration Detox supports the body in the short term, to recover, and in some cases can help to minimize the discomfort of the detox process. Keep reading for more details on the advantages of IV Hydration Detox. 

What Is an IV Hydration Detox?


An IV Hydration Detox is a simple procedure where nutrients are infused into the bloodstream via a vein. It only takes around an hour and is almost painless. 

The overall benefit of the IV Hydration Detox is that it offers essential nutrients to support the body’s recovery from addiction. Indeed, studies have shown that poor nutrition caused by addition can make recovery more difficult to achieve. Therefore by ensuring that nutrition is boosted, the chances of successful recovery are also increased. 

What is in IV drip detox therapy?

Of course, you can expect plenty of hydration. Although, nutrients are also added on a case-by-case basis. Often C and B vitamins can be of use, as well as antioxidants, amino acids, magnesium, and calcium, all of which help to support your body’s balance of hydration and ensure optimum functionality during the detox process. 

What are the specific benefits of IV drip detox therapy? 

There are several ways that IV Hydration Detox therapy can help to support the function of the body as it withdraws from alcohol or other substance. 

Can help to reduce withdrawal symptoms 

The first of these is by helping to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Indeed, the addition of hydration and electrolytes can actually make the withdrawal process less extreme. 

Supports proper body function with nutrition

The next way that IV drip therapy can help to support drug and alcohol detox is by ensuring the body has the correct nutrition for function. Such nutrition is vital because it helps to ensure the healing of the body after addition. 

It also promotes a healthier neurochemical balance which can help issues such as anxiety and depression, which are often present in cases of addiction. Finally, with the right nutrition influenced into the body via IV, the heart is supported which is also an essential part of a healthy recovery. 

Help the body detoxify

Last of all, and perhaps most importantly IV drip detox treatment can help the body expel the toxins that have been collected in the body throughout the addiction. Indeed, these toxins are often present at a cellular level, and without sufficient hydration to flush them out, the liver and the kidneys may not be able to do their job correctly. 

However, by ensuring you take in enough fluid along with electrolytes and other vitamins via IV, you can help expedite the body’s detoxification process. Something that will make kicking the habit both less uncomfortable, and can also help increase the chances of long-term success. 

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